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Tereza helped me work through various aspects of grief and loss in my life. Each session helped me take small steps towards emotional healing.
— Arlene, 62
Working with Tereza was an excellent experience. I haven’t always had a good relationship with therapists, and I went into the experience a little weary. She was helpful in helping me come to a slow acceptance with the death of my grandmother, and dealing with some of my previous trauma. I’m very grateful for the help she gave me throughout the four months that we worked together.
— Naomi, 31
Working with Tereza when she was a grief/loss counselor through Hospice was like a lifeline for me after I lost my mother and experienced other significant losses within a short period of time. Tereza supported me in a addressing the complexities of these losses with compassion and kindness. I felt understood and respected as a whole person/spirit and soul. She was a mix of gentle kindness and fierce strength as my advocate. I was able to begin my work healing through my initial counseling with her.
— Susan