Tereza is a professional Telehealth therapist licensed in the state of Washington as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LH 60815415) and in the state of Oregon as a Licensed Professional Counselor (C 4969). She helps her clients navigate issues related to grief and loss, and supports them through various life transitions. She works through a systems based lens provides evidence-based care tailored to her clients’ individual needs. She works with clients in different stages of adulthood. Tereza offers Telehealth as part of her practice and works with her clients online via Hippa compliant software.

My approach: "Together we will explore your unique personality and life history, and treat some of the underlying causes that have brought you to a place of distress."

That may include:

  • Healing from unresolved trauma- I use different trauma treatment modalities based on my clients’ preferences, personality and their unique nervous system. My main treatment models are Somatic Experiencing and Lifespan Integration

  • Processing grief and loss- I believe that grief and loss are natural parts of life and help my clients process some of the deep pain associated with their grief along with developing tools to honor their loved one

  • Finding comfort within your body- Some of my clients are in a process from recovering from an eating disorder; together we work on identifying triggers, creating healthy boundaries, and decreasing the need for control, all through the lens of HAES (Health at Every Size)

  • Decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression- I incorporate mindfulness and guided imagery into working with depression and anxiety along with helping my clients alter some of the deeper patterns associated with feeling anxious or depressed.

"My work will help you find clarity and direction during important life transitions in a safe, caring, and compassionate environment."

I am paneled with some insurance companies in WA state, I am an out of network provider in the state of Oregon. Please review my Rates and Forms page for more details